Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* git add kernel-el7.7.patchHEADmasterel7Sérgio M. Basto7 days1-0/+164
* Add patch for kernel of EL 7.7Sérgio M. Basto7 days1-1/+6
* Update to 6.0.12f31f30Sérgio M. Basto2019-09-064-6/+10
* Rebuild for new el7 kernelLeigh Scott2019-09-031-1/+4
* - Rebuilt for Scott2019-08-091-1/+4
* Fixes for kernel 5.3Sérgio M. Basto2019-08-012-4/+137
* Update to 6.0.10Sérgio M. Basto2019-07-172-15/+21
* Fix build of vboxpci module under Linux 5.2, thanks to Steve StoreySérgio M. Basto2019-07-111-2/+6
* Fixes for kernel 5.2Sérgio M. Basto2019-06-023-3/+148
* Update to 6.0.8Sérgio M. Basto2019-05-152-5/+10
* Add update script helperSérgio M. Basto2019-04-301-0/+62
* Force build with VirtualBox-kmodsrc-6.0.6-3Sérgio M. Basto2019-04-301-2/+5
* New source uploadedSérgio M. Basto2019-04-182-1/+2
* Update new vboxsfSérgio M. Basto2019-04-181-4/+8
* Update to 6.0.6.Vasiliy Glazov2019-04-175-106/+8
* Update of new vboxsf.Vasiliy Glazov2019-03-273-3/+7
* Merge branch 'master' into el7Sérgio M. Basto2019-03-220-0/+0
| * - Rebuilt for Scott2019-03-041-1/+4
| * Fixes for upcoming kernel 5.1 and update of new vboxsfSérgio M. Basto2019-02-135-34/+101
| * Update to 6.0.4Sérgio M. Basto2019-01-295-157/+49
| * Update to 6.0.2.Vasiliy Glazov2019-01-181-2/+4
| * VirtualBox 6.0Sérgio M. Basto2018-12-301-7/+10
| * simplify filename and avoid a weird problem on rpm of F28Sérgio M. Basto2018-12-142-1/+1
* | Rebase and squash el7Sérgio M. Basto2019-03-227-138/+132
* | Update to 5.2.24Sérgio M. Basto2019-01-211-5/+7
* | removed fixes_for_4.17.patchSérgio M. Basto2018-12-141-29/+0
* Fix vboxvideo.ko build on rhel76Sérgio M. Basto2018-12-142-3/+131
* RebuiltNicolas Chauvet2018-12-131-1/+4
* Update VBox to 5.2.22f27Sérgio M. Basto2018-11-101-1/+4
* Update VBox to 5.2.20Sérgio M. Basto2018-10-192-28/+2
* Update VBox to 5.2.20Sérgio M. Basto2018-10-191-2/+5
* Update master source, fixes kernel 4.18 >=f28 (rfbz#5017)leigh123linux2018-09-122-2/+5
* Fixes for kernel 4.18Sérgio M. Basto2018-09-042-3/+32
* Update to 5.2.18Sérgio M. Basto2018-08-271-2/+5
* - Rebuilt for
* Update to 5.2.16Sérgio M. Basto2018-07-221-1/+4
* Update to 5.2.14Sérgio M. Basto2018-07-031-2/+5
* Another fixSérgio M. Basto2018-05-161-2/+5
* Reenable build of pre-built kmod on el7Sérgio M. Basto2018-05-161-3/+6
* Fix a double bugf26Sérgio M. Basto2018-05-131-5/+9
* Update to 5.2.12Sérgio M. Basto2018-05-111-2/+5
* if we use new vboxsf, we do not need build vboxguest neither add his headersSérgio M. Basto2018-05-111-3/+17
* Start with jwrdegoede/vboxsf on Fedora 28Sérgio M. Basto2018-05-033-1/+13
* Add fix for kernel 4.17Sérgio M. Basto2018-04-262-1/+33
* Update to 5.2.10Sérgio M. Basto2018-04-241-2/+5
* Based on opensuse versionSérgio M. Basto2018-03-151-3/+2
* All fedora kernels have vboxvideo.koSérgio M. Basto2018-03-101-2/+5
* Fix minor spelling mistakesSérgio M. Basto2018-03-071-1/+4
* fix minor spelling mistakesRené Genz2018-03-051-4/+4
* Update VirtualBox-kmod to 5.2.8Sérgio M. Basto2018-03-032-107/+7